The Benefactor’s Letter


Greetings, to whom it may concern.

I go by many names in this space, the Benefactor, the God of Lore, BCBillionaire and many more. I have received many messages of gratitude from all across the Cardano community and I thank you all for your kind words, they're much appreciated. Who I am is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries within the Cryptoverse itself, who knows, in time, that too may be unlocked. In my opinion, who I am is not important, but what I stand for is. What I can tell you is that I have been unfortunate enough in life to experience the worst that humanity has to offer. Although, I now know that I could not have obtained the level of awareness that I possess, any other way. I have spent the last few years travelling the world, on what I guess you could call a pilgrimage, to analyse first hand, what we call the "human condition". Along the way, I've experienced many different cultures and religions, which has afforded me the mindset and the mentality of a 100+ year old. I believe that, regardless of what anyone has in life, we are all equal in death, flesh and bone and that the most valuable asset we have is our own life, because without it, we cannot hold our loved ones or interact with this world. I believe in remaining humble and grounded, while helping to elevate those around you. This is my ideology and philosophy in life.

I have walked this lifestyle for many years and speaking truthfully, it has brought me a lot of pain, especially regarding trust, however, it has also allowed me to see deeper into society, which ultimately has brought me great success and has also allowed me to detect others of a similar nature to my own. As so, I've devoted much of my time to locating these individuals and helping to amplify their output, in hopes that there will be more individuals like me who walk this Earth, that have the heart and mindset to do right by others, regardless of gain or monetary value.

The world is broken and I know others out there can feel it too, humanity is lost. I have laid dormant, waiting for technology to catch up, to reach a point where communication and community is no longer restrained by borders, boundaries and corporate algorithms. Where the world no longer trusts a system designed to turn each human into nothing more than a battery to power each country's economy. Around the world, generations of humans are being born into debt and poverty. Humans who will never see the truth, that they have been given the most valuable asset in the world for free, which is their own lives and that they are wasting it in the fiat mines. Their reality is gravity and it is strong and hard to escape, but it can be done.

Charles Hoskinson and the IOHK team have worked harder than most people appreciate in this space. They have overcome obstacle after obstacle and have proven their critics wrong, time and time again. Their technology will change the world and create life changing opportunities. People need to understand that Cardano can be more than just a tool for profit, it can be a symbol of peace and prosperity across the world, but it needs your help, Cardano deserves more recognition and CNFT projects have the power to help promote the Cardano blockchain by spreading fun, joy and excitement. Coming together in solidarity is how the CNFT community will help outpace and outgrow other blockchains, by working together and becoming one solid driving force, one family, the Epoch Collective.

Yes I'm a whale and I am aware that whales in the crypto space have a bad rap, as they tend to consume more than their fair share in any ecosystem that they get involved in, however, I have opted not to do this, to keep the playing field level. Instead, I have decided to pretty much buy 1/1s and rank 1s to help establish a realistic and appropriate ceiling when the time comes. In some cases, I have even tried to purchase the rights of some failing, pre-existing CNFT projects to save them from going under and prevent the current owners from deleting the Discords and rug pulling their communities, which is extremely devastating to see happen. For those of you that are or were in those Discord communities, you know exactly what I am talking about. This is unacceptable and a higher level of standard must be achieved within the CNFT community.

The great sleep is almost upon me again, but before I go, my final gift to the world is Epoch Labz. With it, your reality will no longer be gravity. The trials and tribulations that I have created have been designed to ensure that only the worthy will reach the end. There will be those who don't try, those who try and fail, those who will not want to work together, those who will not play attention until it's too late, but all it will take in the end is one, just one. The great mysteries of Epoch Labz and its projects have remained dormant for months, and in some cases, years, waiting to be discovered by the Cardano community. If the projects are not unlocked, then they will remain that way forever, they will never go to mint, nor will they ever be released and perhaps the world will never know, the greatest story never told!

The focus of every project that I create is to make something that is loved and remembered, something unique and meaningful that is timeless and eternal, while paying homage to those who have come before, and carving a path for those who will come after. The Epoch Labz projects are aimed at bringing together exceptional minds in this space, to create projects that will impact the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide and I'm happy to invite you all to be a part of it.

But let me give you a nudge in the right direction, this one time, so you don't end up chasing your tails. Some artwork you see on the sites exist as placeholders to simply fill in the gaps, as they may convey a strong meaning or message. They may be subject to change, in time, as more and more is unlocked.

Congratulations on locating the first missing Moonboy Mafia floppy disc, however, in regards of the other sites, staring into the past will do nothing for the future. I have planned ahead for this and more by removing certain parameters in advance, to ensure that there is no cheating the system, hence the source code. You simply need to do what needs to be done, which is "play attention".

The Salty Seagulls project were the first to crack the code and uncover Epoch Labz, as so, they will have the exclusive privilege of receiving Tier 1 whitelist spots for Epoch Labz.

Safari Squad and the Salty Seagulls cracked the code and unlocked Moonboy Mafia. As so, they will have the exclusive privilege of receiving Tier 1 whitelist spots for Moonboy Mafia.

These are the exclusive gifts that your projects and communities have been awarded, for "playing attention" with Epoch Labz. There is a protocol when it comes to legitimate collaborations between projects. So, with respect to the awarded project owners, an official Epoch Labz representative, Lord Tivali, will make contact with each owner/team in time, through Twitter, to discuss their exclusive Epoch Labz community reward with them and if they like it, it will be up to them to announce and distribute the reward, in the manner in which they choose and see fit, amongst their communities.

Remember, I have not shilled this project to anybody, I have not asked anybody to make any purchases, in fact, I have done the opposite, I have taken my own money and invested it into other people's projects as a show of support, unity, proof and trust. So with that being said, welcome to Epoch Labz. I wish you and your loved ones nothing but the best in this life and the next. God bless you all. May the games begin and remember, you're never too old to make new friends, community is key.

Kind regards,

The Benefactor

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