Epoch Labz is a maximum security Cardano blockchain research & development lab that specialises in interstellar travel, systems communications, pharmaceuticals, genetic engineering, cybernetics, cryogenics, along with CNFTs that offer fun, rarity, collectability, P2E, H2E, staking, DAOs, immersive roleplay, ARGs, real world branding, real world utility, extravagant artwork, IP ownership and much more. The location of our facility is located above Earth's orbit, for the purpose of maintaining a very low concentration of airborne particulates. It is well isolated, which helps control and reduce the risk of natural contamination. Founded in 2022 by an unknown wealthy benefactor, our mission is to help fortify and further develop the Cardano ecosystem by uniting and collaborating with the whole CNFT community, as we believe that creativity, collaboration and community is absolute key when it comes to the betterment of mankind. To learn more, read our benefactor's letter and white paper, a.k.a mission report, found here.


We represent a vast selection of talented individuals from a multitude of different cultures and communities. Some of the brightest and most creative minds walk the hallways of our space station, however, we are always on the lookout for fresh new talent to add as members of staff. So, if you feel you have what it takes to help fortify the Cardano blockchain, all in the name of community, fun and creativity, then sign up today and help us spread peace and prosperity around the world, all through the power of Cardano CNFTs.


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